How to be a good listener when someone is dominating in a conversation

Many people talk as they like. They express all they have in their mind, what they know and what they think. It seems that they might intend to gain power in the communication. The speaker dominates the conversation and there is possibility to make the listener feel bored of his or her buzz. Buzzing is easy but listening matters a lot. Not every body has adequate ability to listen to someone talking. When it is going to listening, a person can sometimes feels bored due to the less interet part of the topic. Someone can train her or his skill in listening with these following ways:

  1. Listen to understand not to defend or critisize

When we listen to understand, our emotion will decrease and be more accepatable with new things, ideas, thoughts. We also try to defeat ego and boastfulness.

  1. Listen to respect

As human being we need to show respect to other people. They deserved our care however, when it is more disruptive try to excuse to leave.

  1. Listen and question

Questioning helps us gain more details of an issue. Questioning means that we put our concerns on the speaker to kepp the conversation going

  1. Listen to get listened

It is a law of nature that when we listen to someone we will deserve to be listened to when talking. It is like take and give, there is night and there is day, there is black and there is white.


This article is still out of perfect,  please comment and critisize.


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