Youth is the strength of a country. Countries need their roles to change either for good or bad economical educational sectors. A youth is seed to better develop our country. We (You and I) have the chance to change better future if we are doing creative things. Many people say that a youth is the generation that should be concerned on and developed. The role of youth will one day change the position of old people as we call parents. It was ever said that it is impossible for old people in this case, parents, reach their dreams. Old people have limited hope to happen in the future. However young people as we call youth have thousands of dreams to come true. With existing of the time, young age young spirit, they will tend to have things come true. With the role of young generation, a country might have changes if the youth concern about their future, and the future of their country as priority.

Some reasons why people do not have better life when they have built a family:

  1. When they were in the young age(youth) they might not have got self motivation to dream or to do more promising life.
  2. Youth did not engage in working phase. Majority of them spend time for self-indulge, gambling, gathering with their peers instead of doing creative or productive things.
  3. Some youth gave up for the circumstances they were facing, such as hard time, money problems, loss of parents.
  4. Some youth did not see the world wider. With the concept of thinking too local, they might not have got inspirations, life comparisons. By seeing the world wider, youth would have been inspired by successful figures that have firstly recorded success, discovery, achievements and competitions winners as well.
  5. Other than the things stated above, the youth might not have had high expectations about their life to happen in the future either in the near term or longer term. They had limited dreams that frequently stopped them from doing more things.

Though out the explanations above, I personally persuade all young generation in the entire world to stick on these important tips:

  1. Dream higher as the sky is the limit since dreams drive us to move from the place we are standing
  2. Expect more things to happen in your life, because by having high expectations, we will be pumped up to create or do more things.
  3. During the young age, we should collect more experiences through working hard, listening to people and engaging more active in social working atmosphere.
  4. Believe in you self stand up for your dreams because confidence is the best outfit for us to perform.
  5. Will all your dreams, hard work, perseverance, and patience attempt to focus on your principle no matter what circumstances you are facing till you get to the top of your goal.

From the process above, we have been on the way to be productive youth that will participate to help your country get more developed. At last, individually you became a bless for the citizens around you.


This article is still out of perfect, please comment for better input and do not forget to post or repost, share or reshare by putting my name: Romanto Naibaho (Skill Board Course)


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