Being in a hurry in the morning ever made me into overlapped bad effects. Leaving for work in the morning persueing the time deadline, I got struck by a bee biting my face as I was rushing along the road by motorcycle. Experiencing that, I was thinking on the way, “Should I revert or continue my ride?” Considering the responsibility for working, I continued my riding to school.

Arriving at school, my colleague friendly and passionately approached me and talked to me, “ How if we make a deal so that I control the students today and you will do it next day, on Saturday?” Shortly I was thinking, “What the hell am I experiencing today?” I felt rejected at that time. However as I told my problem that a bee had just stung me on the face, it strengthened her request to make me agree on her request.

Then I hurriedly walked along the corridor to meet the board of school asking for permission to go home due to the bulge I got on my face. They responded me positively and advised me to take some traditional medicine.

From the events stated above I can state that coming late for work can result into much loss. However I tried to see things positively that things don’t always go as we want. That experience teaches me to be not late because it is hard to catch up with things and people around when we are in a hurry.

I share this experience to all of my friends that we have to endure in the bad day and always hope that there will be better day in the future. Do not ever let the bad day affects your tomorrow since it does not determine your better day tomorrow. Overall pray to God to bless us and to get strength in mind and physics.



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